hello im lauren. i'm a 19 y/o australian, i talk about my boyfriend a lot and i play magic the gathering because i hate money


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Tea for two

i dont think anybody wanted to see this

art isnt always about whats aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes you need to show people reality. This is real shit. This is what life is after partying and being a wild thin teen and reading bullshit books about werewolves. It isn’t clear skin and skinny bodies and free time forever.
Its stretch marks, wrinkles, shitty baby diapers and laying in weird ass positions to keep your children happy because you love them more than your comfort or your smooth pert body. Its being overweight and having sex, wrinkly fat sweaty real shit adult parent long term relationship sex and then trying to slip in half an hour of sleep before your kid flips shit at 1am. And its poetic and awesome. Fuck your skinny smooth boring ass ideal of what life should be that you ripped out of some dumb ass teen cosmo. My life is goddamn beautiful even if my belly is a wreck.



when your friend has a really shitty opinion 


When your significant other chooses a bee over you


not all straight white men are the same!!


i was raised by eels. i can sing in their language. come and join me in my underwater palace and i will serenade you with every song from The Jungle Book. im not like the others. be my eel bride.